Apartment therapy

A photographic tour of the lovely and well-decorated bungalow of Elizabeth Hall Conley and family, who live in trendy Highland Park, California. via Our House Tour on Apartment Therapy — Discover

Habit trackers

Last year, I went through a season of pursuing rest for my soul but during that season I had just one problem…my to-do list did not stop. While I took a break from blogging, spent extra time at the feet of Jesus and said “no” to commitments that would lead me away from rest, I… via… Continue reading Habit trackers

Childrens art wall

A nursery should be adorned with colorful artwork. It instantly brightens up the walls, adding charm and warmth, and also serves as an early visual stimulant for newborns and children. Oftentimes wall art is even passed down for generations, becoming a cherished family heirloom. Unsure of what to get for an expecting mom? A unique… via… Continue reading Childrens art wall

Desk cleaning 12.16.17

Have you ever heard of a “desk cleaning” week? I heard about this awhile back.  Ritualism has always been associated with tasks, because we write and we tried to think at our desks. John Edgar Wideman wrote a piece for The New York Times called the language of home. And he wrote the setting is… Continue reading Desk cleaning 12.16.17

Kitchen & Meal Presentation – 12.4.17

When I go into our kitchen to cook a meal, I always put on a pretty apron. The reason for the apron is largely psychological, it makes me feel like a chef.    Serving plates are pure decoration, on which to feast the eyes before the food arrives.    Select table cloth and napkins to… Continue reading Kitchen & Meal Presentation – 12.4.17