Dear Oprah~I miss you – 11/24/17

I miss your “Angel Network” charity, and all the good it did. I miss you inspiring us everyday to be a the best we can be. I miss the movement of “Paying it Forward.” I loved the conversations about women becoming successful & powerful, breaking that glass ceiling. I miss you teaching us about what… Continue reading Dear Oprah~I miss you – 11/24/17

Living Well’s ~ New Year Resolutions

I have always hated new years resolutions.  I have forever said i would lose weight, get healthy, but this year…… I decided to make a resolution that i can actually do, and actually accomplish, through the entire year. 1.  I have decided to buy Hallmark cards for all occasions instead of an ecard, text, email,… Continue reading Living Well’s ~ New Year Resolutions

cjs18 day 9 Andrea Gomoll — Cath Sheard

Today’s artist is Andrea Gomoll who does the most glorious mixed media; her recipe was largely about how to make gorgeous backgrounds. My first attempt didn’t work because I used too much water and ended up with muddy colours; I’ll work over the top of it and it’ll be fine eventually. I’m so pleased with […]… Continue reading cjs18 day 9 Andrea Gomoll — Cath Sheard