Spring and the Summer — Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

Jim gave me this video as an answer in a talk at his blog. So I answered with this one That means the Spring/Summer song search is on. If you have a Spring or Summer song you like to share. Leave the link in the comments. I bet Leslie have a Spring song. She always […]… Continue reading Spring and the Summer — Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna

Gods keys

I’ve done the outline for my next picture. This one is all about freedom. How God has given me every single key to every single prison. But it’s up to me to use the key and stop being trapped. I’ve used some keys but their are still some prisons I haven’t unlocked. I used to […]… Continue reading Gods keys

Childrens art wall

A nursery should be adorned with colorful artwork. It instantly brightens up the walls, adding charm and warmth, and also serves as an early visual stimulant for newborns and children. Oftentimes wall art is even passed down for generations, becoming a cherished family heirloom. Unsure of what to get for an expecting mom? A unique… via… Continue reading Childrens art wall

Art Journaling – part three 1.6.18